Workshops for Stress and Anger Management

“Working with David Singer in a workshop has helped me to deal with my anxiety in a way I never thought possible. I have learned to maintain a positive attitude and live life to the fullest with my family. “

Rebecca S. – Morganville, NJ

Workshops for Stress and Anger Management

David A. Singer
David A. Singer

David A. Singer, M.Ed., founder and director of Stress Management Services of New Jersey, has a unique and highly personalized way of reaching groups and individuals in their plight to live fuller, more productive, and stress-free lives in and out of the work place.

David fulfills his promise to reach the participants’ need to effectively take better and more positive control of their day-to-day interactions by following several very simple and basic yet quite profound techniques and strategies.

These proven techniques and approaches include:

  • Taking on sensitive and complex challenges with a calm and focused attitude
  • Deep breathing techniques, combined with David’s unique and proven self-regulation practice accomplished in a few short moments daily
  • Effective listening and communicating during your interactions with others.
  • Keeping blood pressure down which is a major contributor to anger and negativity – at work and at home.
  • How to ongoing practice brief, but very effective, relaxation ‘moments’ throughout your day which re-invigorate and energize needed productivity and self-control.
  • How to hold YOURSELF accountable without ‘beating yourself up’ and minimizing conflicts in all human interactions.

“Stress” is the leading contributor to an ongoing lack of clarity in our lives, and when not addressed correctly and consistently, our awake time and sleep cycles are negatively impacted. We feel hopeless and helpless, and of course tend to resort to unhealthy means of relief.

Our methods, when used regularly, reverse these destructive cycles and the participant gradually regains control of her / his life.

“Excellent workshop. Very informative, relaxing and fun! My staff was happy to attend this training. “

Debbie Forte
VP of Marketing/HR Associate
YMCA of Western Monmouth County

Costs and Additional Workshop Features

The cost of a seminar is for the entire seminar, regardless of number of attendees.The ideal workshop is 1 1/2 hours in length and the cost in most cases is $1,600.00. Special considerations are made for not-for-profit organizations, or even if recent cut-backs have caused “stresses” in your company’s or organization’s training/education budget. Please feel free to discuss options with me.Educational hand-outs as well as CD’s are normally included in my final costs.

Stress Management Workshop Outline Download 

Stress Management Seminar Training Outline (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required) The outlined seminar sample in this download is approximately 1 1/2 hours, and can be structured with greater and lesser emphasis by the presenter. An abbreviated 90 minute version of this seminar is also available.

Contact us for personalized costs for your specific workshop.