Understanding Stress and Anger Management

Man and Woman enjoying a stress free day on the beach
Enjoying a stress free day at the beach

What is Stress?

Understanding stress and anger management is an important skill to master.  What is the body, the brain responding to when stress occurs? Is it real? Is it imagined?  You can learn to understand and respond in a positive way to stress that occurs in your daily life.

Here is an important word: HOMEOSTASIS, defined as the body – or any organism – working to constantly achieve a balance within itself – adapting to changes which occur – temperature and chemical changes within the body.

So STRESS can be defined as the mind and body responding to outside, internal or even imagined stimulation and eventually losing it’s balance – or falling out of healthy homeostasis. This is likened to global warming, which we can all see our earth responding to in often frightening ways.

To keep a body alive, there are automatic mechanisms to help maintain these internal responses at a desirable level. But SELF-REGULATION is a necessary tool in order to maintain these desirable levels.

In 1926, Han Selye, M.D., began his theory which explains how stress impacts people’s lives. This ‘stress cycle’ has three major components, known as the General Adaptation Syndrome, or the body’s short-term and long-term reaction to stress

  • STAGE 1 Alarm Reaction
    Triggered by your central nervous system. Commonly known as the “fight or flight”.
  • STAGE 2 Resistance
    When there is no or little relief after stage 1, but you still sense danger. You start feeling a reduction in your body’s energy levels which leads to defined changes in your physical and mental behavioral patterns.
  • STAGE 3 Exhaustion
    Stress continues beyond the second stage and you are now completely tired and exhausted. You may not feel like going to work or live your life..

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