Court Ordered Anger Management

Free Consultations Available

Court Ordered Anger Management Services and Classes – For More Information – Click Here

Anger management classes are ordered for many types of situations.

Singer Stress Management Services provides anger management sessions that can satisfy your legal obligation to court ordered anger management.

Take the first step towards your understanding this process with a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION followed by face to face and/or virtual sessions.

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Virtual Conferencing

Virtual Anger Management Services and Classes – See our new video conferencing option – Click Here.  We are pleased to introduce that virtual coaching and anger management sessions are available.

Take the first step towards your understanding and control of your stress and anxiety with a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION followed by individual virtual sessions.

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Anger Management – Individual Sessions

Anger Management Services and Classes – See our new video conferencing option – Click Here

While anger is usually a very normal and even necessary state, it often comes from deeper human / psychological causes. When this is the case, referral to a licensed professional, including a psychologist or psychiatrist, is crucial.

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Stress Management Services

Stress Management Training – See our video conferencing option – Click Here

David A. Singer, M. Ed., offers STRESS MANAGEMENT TRAINING for adults and children, 13 years of age and older. The ultimate goal of this training and reinforcement approach is to identify the issues and introduce the client to various straightforward options and techniques for providing constructive coping skills.

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Individual & Group Consultations and Training

David A. Singer, M. Ed., NGH, will gladly schedule private consultations at his Freehold, New Jersey office, by appointment. For the confidentiality of such contacts, email is discouraged, phone contact welcomed – twenty-four/seven. Most calls are returned during the same day.  Call Now 908-216-7898

David Singer’s services are considered “education” not “treatment” and are not billable to third party insurance carriers. Generous and flexible sliding-scale fees are offered to all clients, groups, and families. Most in-person sessions are between 50 and 60 minutes in length.

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Stress Management Training Workshops (Groups)

Stress Management Services on Monmouth County, LLC has been providing Stress Management Seminar Training to corporate groups for over 25 years.

These workshops include large and small businesses, education institutions – both public and private – as well as training within the medical community. Group size is not a concern: we can tailor a seminar strategy which meets the size, availability, and needs of your staff or workforce.

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Biofeedback for Stress Management

Biofeedback is a self-regulation tool which “feeds back” to the subject her/his levels of tension or activation. What is especially encouraging about biofeedback is its non-invasive quality. You feel nothing – except for the calming result.

A good example which I use to explain this is to ask you to feel your pulse. Use any method, such as placing your index finger of one hand over the opposing wrist and ‘feel’ the artery at that location (including your neck, or inside elbow, etc.). The pulse has an even rhythm, so slow down your breathing and notice a slowing down of your pulse.

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Family Stress Management

Especially these days when both partners in a family have careers and children are involved in diverse extra-curricular activities, it’s very easy for the family unit to break down, resulting in a number of separate individuals living under one roof. Each individual becomes isolated, facing his/her own problems and left to solve them on their own.Unfortunately, stress for one member of a family stresses and often divides the entire family.

Hypnosis in the Management of Stress

Hypnosis can dramatically help with improving performance, health, confidence, relationships, concentration, recall and creativity. When used in combination with biofeedback and self-regulation training, individuals learn to literally ‘measure’ their physical reactions to stressors. The student quickly becomes skilled at reducing or eliminating her/his chronic or acute stress, addictions, fears, phobias, and undesired habits.Stress reduction is often a quickly reached goal when hypnosis is the method, and one realizes that what appeared before as “stressful events” newly show up as token distractions. Compared with traditional therapeutic modalities, the results of a relatively brief series of hypnotherapy sessions are often faster and more effective and lasting.