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Father - Mother - DaughterFamily and the interactions within are especially challenging these days.  For example, when both partners in a family have careers and children that are involved in diverse extra-curricular activities the home dynamic can become an easy environment for the family unit to break down.

Furthermore, this break down results in a number of separate individuals living under one roof.  Each individual effectively becomes isolated from the group facing their own problems and are left to solve their problems on their own.

Stress for one member of a household stresses and often divides the entire family.  Especially relevant to understand is that when one part is stressed, the whole unit can collapse.  The solution is to work through problems as a team, but for the solution to be effective, the family unit needs to be strong.

Typical Family - Father - Mother - ChildrenFamily Stress Management Techniques

Techniques to build a strong family unit and effectively Manage Stress Include:

  • Take Time for the Family
  • Working household chores together
  • Sharing a meal
  • Having a movie night all together
  • Simple (or complex) planned family events
  • Respecting privacy
  • Define problems and work towards solutions
  • Be good a good listener
  • Encourage positive discussion

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David A. Singer
David A. Singer

Contact me now or call 908-216-7898 for information on anger management classes.  David A. Singer M.Ed is a Masters Degree graduate of New York University’s School of Education, Health, Nursing, and Arts Professions.

Through this training and experience, David trains his clients and students to use skills and techniques to address stressful life challenges successfully.

As a life coach and stress management professional David has, for over 35 years, communicated to individuals and groups about the choices available in taking effective control of their lives. There are techniques available to us which, with practice, can drastically restructure our ability to filter life’s ‘stressors’ – in our business as well as personal relationships.

Founder and director of Stress Management Services of New Jersey, David has been incorporating his expansive education and experience in biofeedback education and self-regulation.  Since 1981 he has helped individuals and families reclaim their sense of well being.

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