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Biofeedback – What is it?

BiofeedbackBiofeedback is a self-regulation tool which “feeds back” to the subject her/his levels of tension or activation. What is especially encouraging about biofeedback is its non-invasive quality. You feel nothing – except for the calming result.

A good example used to explain this is to ask you to feel your pulse. Use any method, such as placing your index finger of one hand over the opposing wrist and ‘feel’ the artery at that location (including your neck, or inside elbow, etc.). The pulse has an even rhythm, so slow down your breathing and notice a slowing down of your pulse.

You are practicing biofeedback, by self-regulating your pulse! There are three popular means by which one can self-regulate using sophisticated biofeedback equipment. Included in our biofeedback traning are a wide variety of deep relaxation techniques. This is vital, and no-one really benefits from biofeedback without this expertise, as it is a guided technique.

In his office, David A. Singer, M.Ed. offers clients instrumentation which is widely considered as state of the art in the biofeedback training community: The “Neurodyne / Davicon Biofeedback System 3”, a computerized system.

The three modalities or channels include:

EMG or Electromyography Biofeedback – This channel measures muscle tension. Your goal is to self-regulate any muscle region – including neck, head, cervical, lumbar, and other muscle regions. Your goal is to watch the “tension level” on the monitor, and to actively reduce your tension level.

Temperature Biofeedback – Simply stated, the more stressed or tense we are, the cooler the extremities (hands and feet). Most of us have noticed “cold hands” in ourselves or others, when we are nervous, pre-occupied, or “stressed”. That’s a condition of the “fight-flight” response, and in essence, the blood is being rushed to major organs or major muscles, to guard against stress. In Temperature Biofeedback Training, we learn to warm the hands by again watching the level on the monitor, and regulating that level with guidance.

Skin Conductance Level / Electro-dermal Biofeedback – “SCL” measures the activity of sweat-glands in the fingertips. The dryer the fingers, the more relaxed; the more “clammy” or moist, the less relaxed. Again, with the guidance of deep relaxation methods and self-regulation techniques, we usually arrive at a very relaxed goal.

Biofeedback training is not a long, drawn-out method, and depending upon the subject’s stress level, we can reverse these levels in several sessions.

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David A. Singer
David A. Singer

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Through this training and experience, David trains his clients and students to use skills and techniques to address stressful life challenges successfully.

As a life coach and stress management professional David has, for over 35 years, communicated to individuals and groups about the choices available in taking effective control of their lives. There are techniques available to us which, with practice, can drastically restructure our ability to filter life’s ‘stressors’ – in our business as well as personal relationships.

Founder and director of Stress Management Services of New Jersey, David has been incorporating his expansive education and experience in biofeedback education and self-regulation.  Since 1981 he has helped individuals and families reclaim their sense of well being.

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