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Stress shield We provide private consultations to help resolve interpersonal or family problems that interfere with work performance and daily life management
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Biofeedback Biofeedback is a self-regulation tool which “feeds back” to the subject her/his levels of tension or activation. What is especially encouraging about biofeedback is its non-invasive quality. You feel nothing – except for the calming result.
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Our Mission

The goal of Stress Management Services of New Jersey is to reduce or eliminate your harmful reactions to the stressful situations in your life.

We provide education and training in anger management, self-regulating techniques, including deep relaxation, autogenic training, biofeedback education, and self-hypnosis.

We do not offer counseling or any mental health therapy. David A. Singer, M.Ed. has extensive referral resources available, which include several community-based medical and mental health professionals, should that become necessary and/or appropriate.


Court Ordered Anger Management Classes in New Jersey (NJ)Court Ordered Anger Management

If you have been ordered by the court, or required by your employer, to take anger managment courses, you have a legal and moral obligation to complete said training

Counteracting or Managing Stress

  • Finding a method of coping with the problem
  • Massage can loosen muscles and increase blood flow.
  • Meditation can help to open new paths in the brain.
  • Physical exercise helps us to become healthier, leading to better blood flow.
  • Proper sleep can revitalize the brain.
  • Nature and listening to classical music e.g. Mozart, can help to calm the mind.
  • Yoga can improve physical well being
  • A positive attitude can bring a new perspective on problems.
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT begins with understanding what drives you, what your major struggles are, how to put them into perspective, and how to take action.

Anger Management Stress Services Biofeedback

Road RageRoad rage is a unique type of anger in that it is accurately predictable when it will occur. Like other types of anger that is normal there is a point to where you have decided that you need to learn the techniques that will help you identify and de-escalate.
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Anger Management Counseling - Man screaming on telephone. While anger is usually a very normal and even necessary state, it often comes from deeper human / psychological causes. When this is the case, referral to a licensed professional, including a psychologist or psychiatrist, is crucial.
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Photo of a happy family - Mom, Dad, and Son - Stress Management Services of New Jersey Stress management training for families.

Photo of a bother and sister at a computer

Especially these days when both partners in a family have careers and children are involved in diverse extra-curricular activities, it’s very easy for the family unit to break down, resulting in a number of separate individuals living under one roof.
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Biofeedback Graphic - Stress Management Services of New Jersey

Biofeedback - What is biofeedback? A good example used to explain this is to ask you to feel your pulse. Use any method, such as placing your index finger of one hand over the opposing wrist and ‘feel’ the artery at that location (including your neck, or inside elbow, etc.). The pulse has an even rhythm, so slow down your breathing and notice a slowing down of your pulse. more info

Virtual Stress Management

Virtual Stress Management

What is virtual stress management?Is it possible to have a private one on one sessions in the privacy of your own home? The answer is yes.

We are proud to introduce virtual coaching and anger management sessions. Our new virtual online sessions includes a stress free FREE CONSULTATION.

What is Stress?

??What is it? What is Stress?What is the body, the brain responding to when stress occurs? Is it real? Is it imagined?

Here is an important word: HOMEOSTASIS, defined as the body – or any organism – working to constantly achieve a balance within itself – adapting to changes which occur – temperature and chemical changes within the body.

So STRESS can be defined as the mind and body responding to outside, internal or even imagined stimulations and eventually losing it’s balance – or falling out of healthy homeostasis. This is likened to global warming, which we can all see our earth responding to in often frightening ways.

To keep a body alive, there are automatic mechanisms to help maintain these internal responses at a desirable level. But SELF-REGULATION is a necessary tool in order to maintain these desirable levels.

In 1926, Han Selye, M.D., began his theory which explains how stress impacts people’s lives. This ‘stress cycle’ has three major components, known as the General Adaptation Syndrome, or the body's short-term and long-term reaction to stress

01Stage 1 Alarm Reaction Triggered by your central nervous system. Commonly known as the "fight or flight".
02Stage 2 Resistance When there is no or little relief after stage 1, but you still sense danger. You start feeling a reduction in your body's energy levels which leads to defined changes in your physical and mental behavioral patterns..
03Stage 3 Exhaustion Stress continues beyond the second stage and you are now completely tired and exhausted. You may not feel like going to work or live your life..